Venue Hire


Terms & Conditions

The hirer must pay minimum of 40% of the room booking fee upon approval of event

Non returnable if the event is cancelled less than 3 weeks prior to the date of the function.

  1. The Hirer shall not be under the age of 21.

  2. The Hirer shall be responsible for the conduct of all guests at the function.

  3. The Hirer shall be responsible for seeing their guests from Leek Cricket Club Highfield at the end of the function.

  4. The Hirer must ensure that all fire exits remain clear throughout the duration of the function.

  5. The Hirer should ensure any materials linked to the function (balloons, presents) are removed at the end of the function.

  6. The Hirer will be charged for the repair/replacement of any property situated at Highfield caused by malicious damage or negligent.

  7. The Hirer shall ensure no dry ice or other artificial smoke or pyrotechnics are used in the venue at anytime.

  8. All functions shall end no later than 01:30am with premises being vacated by 1:45am.

  9. Music and last orders from the bar must cease by 12:30pm.

  10. The bringing in of your own intoxicating liquor/soft drinks is prohibited. Guests infringing this condition will be asked to leave the function.

  11. Wines and Sparkling wines for toasts etc. must be supplied by the Club to order. A comprehensive list of wines is available on request.

  12. Food Hygiene: Food must not be left uncovered for more than two hours. Please move uneaten food to the kitchen and cover.

  13. Any food to be collected the following day must be arranged with the bar staff before the end of the function.

  14. The Club will ensure that the venue is in a good tidy order suitable for the function and provide adequate bar staff for the number of guests attending.

  15. The Club will do a deep clean of the room but the hirer is expected to do a general tidy.

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