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Leek Cricket Club Update - October 15th 2020

As we the season has come to a close, our Secretary Linda Tweats will be providing a regular update to our members. Take a look at what has happened in the last few weeks since the season has ended.

Meeting Date: Tuesday 6th October

Dear Members/Supporters of Leek Cricket Club,

How lovely to write this newsletter having had some cricket at Highfield. My last newsletter was sent on Friday July 10th advising on the new format which by September 26th became the new normal and both players and spectators accepted it as though it had always been the way cricket was played including breaks for sanitizer etc.

Next Season – Playing Formats

Before the end of the season, each playing team in the divisions were asked a series of questions e.g. Do you like the format win/lose? As a result, proposals from the League Committee for Season 2021 are as follows:

Premier Division (1st XI)

· Matches 1-5 win/lose 45 overs

· Matches 6-16 win/lose/draw, 50 overs

· Matches 17-22 win/lose 45 overs.

Division 5 (2nd XI)

· All matches win/lose, 40 overs.

Also, the toss of a coin will be re-introduced home and away. There are other proposals, such as, teams have a choice of clothing but the format as I have described will probably be the one of most interest to you.

Last Season Review

We are all grateful that the weather played its part and I don’t think we missed a game because of rain.

All of the senior teams did well – the 1st XI came 4th in the Premier league, the 2nd XI came 3rd in Division 5 and the Sunday Development team were finalists in the Hassell Trophy.

Members/Spectators were entertained to some exciting cricket and Highfield once again became alive. The number of spectators arriving at the ground surprised a lot of us and the Management Committee were grateful for the support given to all of the teams.

My colleagues on the Committee did a sterling job in organising social distancing and sanitizing within the clubhouse and toilets. Rules were changing with regularity, but we were able to open the bar to provide a service for our members, which I believe was appreciated. Having spoken with committee members from other Clubs we all hoped to provide a service at the same time as keeping people safe.

Captain Mellor Returns

Alex Mellor’s first time as Captain of the 1st XI must have been like a baptism of fire. He had to galvanise a team, as well as cope with all the new rules and restrictions. Despite being a difficult first season as Captain, we’re pleased to announce that Alex has agreed to stay on as play / coach for the Club for the next two seasons. Read more about it here.

Matt Nicholls and Dave Alcock, although they had captained before still had to deal with new COVID rules too. All of them acquitted themselves very well and as a unit became stronger and resourceful.

Both on and off the field all of the cricketers played their part and there appears to be a good atmosphere which the Chairman is keen to promote and to build on the successes.

Indoor Facilities

One of the main difficulties at the moment is the lack of indoor facilities which we usually use for both Senior and Juniors for indoor cricket practice. Both Brough Park and Leek High School are not available, so coaches are looking further afield. It is important to keep the momentum going for all players and coaches.

In the meantime, we are pleased to announce that Leek United Building Society have extended their partnership with the Junior Section and have donated £2,000 to go towards their coaching. Read about it here.

Winter Shutdown

The Management Committee have decided to close the Club until after Christmas. With tighter restrictions looming on the horizon a decision was taken to mothball the club and to review early in January. We “Zoomed” on Tuesday night at our first Management meeting after the season.

The ground has now “been put to bed”. Work was completed yesterday so hopefully no rabbit holes on the square.

100 Club

Anyone who would like to join our 100 Club, please contact any of the Management team or sign up here. The proposed prize draws for Christmas are particularly generous so watch this space.

Update on our Members

I am pleased to report that Stan Trafford has had good news from his oncologist, and it was pleasing to see him at games at the end of the season.

Brian Tatton is presently in The Royal Stoke Hospital. He has had a rough few months, but we hope he will be returning home shortly. Our best wishes go to both Stan and Brian.

Keep an eye out on all of our Social Media pages to find out the last news first.

I will be posting a monthly Newsletter, so until the next time - Stay Safe.

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