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ECB Guidelines Roundup

Cricket returns from today, Saturday 18th July at Highfield, so we roundup the information players and supporters need to know ahead of the restart.

Today is the start of the 2020 season, with Leek 1st XI playing Stone SP and the 2nd XI travelling to Caverswall. There will be no relegation or promotion this season, and all games will be 40 overs a side. The season has been extended to September 26th, to make sure all leagues sides play each other once.

Over the last week or so, the ECB have been releasing all of their guidance and in doing so NSSCL have updated their rules accordingly. A one page document has been sent out to all clubs, so we wanted to make sure all supporters have access to this to make them aware of what will be going on this weekend and for the remaining games.

Picture & Chalkboard from "Just Add Chalk" - Find them on Facebook.


Only players from the same household may travel in the same vehicle together, otherwise they must travel separately.

Changing Rooms

These are not permitted to be used for players or umpires - they are to remain closed.

Scoreboxes and Scorers

Only 1 person allowed in the score box. Preferably find somewhere for them to operate whilst remaining socially distant, such as a pop up gazebo. They can communicate via phone if needs be.


Refreshments are not to be provided for match participants, which includes players, umpires and scorers.

Drinks Intervals

These are not to be provided. Match participants must bring their own.

Hygiene Sanitisation Breaks

  1. Players and Umpires must sanitise their hands every 6 overs or 20 minutes, whichever is first.

  2. The Ball must be sanitised during the Sanitisation Break using an Antimicrobial Surface Wipe.

  3. A Batter must use a sanitisation wipe on their bat at the end of their innings.

  4. A Wicketkeeper must sanitise their gloves during the break.

Batters - 2 Metre Running Line

Non striking batters are not to run inside the 2 metre running line.


  1. Umpires are not to handle the ball

  2. The Umpires will not ring the bell but will announce the start of play 5 minutes before.

  3. Umpires are not allowed to hold sweaters, caps, glasses etc.

  4. Only the Umpires are to replace bails when the stumps are broken.

  5. Umpires are not to handout a bowler's marker.


  1. Wicketkeepers can stand up to the wicket.

  2. Safeguarding rules still apply.

We hope this makes some of the changes that you will be seeing today make more sense when they happen.

We wish all teams across NSSCL the best of luck with the season ahead, and here's hoping for a winning start on the opening day for our 1st and 2nd XI teams.

We hope to see many of you at Highfield today! The Hut will not be open today but we hope to have the hut open to sell beer, soft drinks and snacks from next weekend - if you would like to volunteer to man the hut at any fixtures in the next 11 weeks, get in touch with us via our contact page on the website.

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