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ECB announce recreational cricket return

On Friday 3rd July, the government & the ECB have made the announcement that recreational cricket can return from the weekend of 11th / 12th July.

Cricket fans nationwide have been waiting for an update on the return of recreational cricket for some time. Over the last few weeks, Boris Johnson has called the ball a 'vector for disease' and even just this morning has said that things such as teas & changing rooms are reasons for not returning.

However, in a breakthrough over the last few hours, following conversations with Oliver Dowden, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, the government and the ECB have agreed to allow recreational cricket to return from next weekend.

It is not clear at this stage whether the NSSC Leagues will be ready in time for the weekend, however plans had been put in place for an expected start on July 18th. However, looking at the Q&A's in an article from The Sentinel, it looks like play would start on July 18th and friendlies can take place next weekend.

Q: If our club is ready to play cricket before league competitions, what then?

A: Depending on when the government allows match-play to start, clubs may have time for, and welcome, a week of friendlies with local opposition and old rivals. Other sections of your club may also want cricket we are certain of a return date.

The NSSCL are proposing to split each of their nine divisions in to two to create mini A and B divisions, meaning 18 sections in total.

The six teams in each section would then play five Twenty20 matches and five longer format games. A finals day could then be held at the end of the summer to determine the champions of every division.

All matches would be played on a win/lose basis, although batting and bowling points would still be available.

Clubs have been invited to send their thoughts on the proposals to the league, no later than Wednesday, July 8, as well as confirming whether the number of teams they are scheduled to field remains the same.

We're very excited by this news and hope we can get our first game in next weekend! As always, we will keep you updated via our website and social media feeds.




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